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Dedicated teachers enrich the learning experiences of children at Creditview Child Care Centre-looks great …

The children are stimulated to express their individual feelings and imagination through a variety of media such as paint, paste, play dough and crayons. 

The children experiment and manipulate all sizes and shapes of blocks.  They develop many mathematical and spacial concepts as the children build, stack, count, compare, weigh, and play with the blocks. 

Children have an opportunity to expand their horizons, to enrich their vocabulary and understanding of the world as they are exposed to a variety of literary experiences through books and storytelling. 

Children have an opportunity to develop computer literacy skills, and problem solving skills through the use of computer software. 

Songs are incorporated into circle time, and also integrated into the program.  Many forms of songs, games, and finger plays enhance the children’s opportunities to learn, rhyme, express emotions and simply enjoy the play of the English language. 

The children’s imagination and communication skills are enhanced in the Dramatic Play Centre where the children can dress-up and role-play. 

The children’s cognitive development is promoted through the use of various toys such as puzzles, manipulative toys, threading beads, matching toys, balancing toys, and stacking toys. 

The children also are involved in other centers that develop observation, problem-solving skills, sensory skills and fine motor co-ordination.  Some of these centers are seasonal centers, the nature center, and the sensory center that uses a variety of media such as water, sand, clay, play dough and soapsuds.  The newly installed playground also promotes nature and science observation because of its natural setting beside the protected parklands. 

The children’s gross motor development takes place in the outdoor activities with the climber, slide, blocks, tricycles, and other large muscle activities.